About Talk Therapy

Talk therapy, also known as psychoanalytic psychotherapy or modern psychoanalysis, is a highly individualized and effective treatment approach for a wide range of emotional, psychological, and behavioral issues. Accumulating scientific evidence supports its profound benefits, that are long-lasting well past the conclusion of treatment.

Talk therapy is based on the premise that there is something to be gained from regularly talking to a psychotherapist whose expertise, formal training and professional experience allow for a kind of listening and understanding not available in everyday life.

The safety of this confidential and collaborative therapeutic relationship allows you to work through even long-standing specific problems and concerns, to develop greater emotional resilience and to gain insight into previously unexplored motivations, thoughts and feelings.


1) Cultivate space for change by bringing new awareness to how you are stuck.

2) Gain freedom to make different choices by understanding limiting assumptions about yourself and your circumstances.

3) Improve your relationships by revisiting areas of difficulty and conflict in the safety of the therapeutic relationship.

Couch vs Face-to-Face

As a psychotherapist with formal training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and modern psychoanalysis, I offer you the opportunity to use the couch, which is positioned so that I sit outside of your direct line of sight.

Like many individuals, you might find that this arrangement allows you to speak more freely about your personal concerns and provides you greater access to your mental and emotional life.

Face-to-face dialogue is also available in our work together and will be a better choice when it seems essential to the unfolding of your therapeutic process.

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