If known ways of coping are no longer adaptable and you feel destabilized, stuck, and uncertain how to proceed, mindful talk therapy can help you cultivate new awareness and meaning.

Shed new light on Issues, including

Depression, anxiety, panic, obsessions and compulsions, and substance abuse

Childhood and adult trauma

Post-traumatic stress

Repeated disappointments in love and work

Pervasive loneliness and alienation

Significant life transitions such as moving to a foreign country, coming out, partnering and marriage, childbirth, empty nest, break-up and separation, divorce, death of a loved one

Develop new Strengths, including

Improved self-regulation

Increased mindfulness

Effective communication skills

Developing these strengths will raise your self-esteem and will lead you to build and sustain more satisfying relationships. It will also increase your ability to focus and access creative potential, improving performance in school and at work.

Committing to Benefits

Because mindful talk therapy is highly individualized, an initial consultation is required for us to determine how you and I may work together and if this approach is right for you.

Should we decide that you and I are not a good fit or that you would benefit from a different approach, I will provide you appropriate referrals to other highly trained mental health professionals.

Our pace is up to you. I offer short- and long-term mindful talk therapy. Clients commit anywhere from one to five 50-min sessions per week.

Benefitting from Results

My approach is to help you become curious about the causes of, and relationships between, your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Our work can leave you feeling healthier, more productive, and more fully alive and connected to yourself and others.